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Hope and Momentum


Welcome to a new year! 

As we begin on what will be my 12th year teaching KM Choir, I wanted to share some of the thoughts that go into it.  It helps me to focus on a few overarching themes or ideas each year to help grow and learn.  These themes guide us in planning everything from our daily lessons to major yearly events.

Last year our themes were Vitality and Pride.  I wanted to ensure we had a strong, clear path for every student in choir.  With the creation of the International Baccalaureate choir, men’s and women’s choirs and rooting Sound Connection firmly in closed-microphone vocal jazz, we sought to create rewarding challenges regardless of what level our choral members were at in their journey.  I also wanted to bring our experiences into the digital realm where we could use technology to reach out to the community and share our Pride with others, while at the same time making it easier to learn music and reach our goals.  Our website has provided us with this useful tool.

This year’s themes are Hope and Momentum.  Our theme of Hope is a large part of what choir naturally is on many levels.  Music heals us, restores us, connects us to each other.  Singing together as one reminds us of the many ways in which we are all connected.  KM Choir gives you a daily opportunity to connect your heart and passion to both yourself and others. Through the learning of great music and fun daily classroom experiences my goal is to connect us emotionally with the singing we make together, and the Hope that springs eternal from it.

KM Choir’s youth, diversity, and unity inherently gives people Hope whenever they see our performances.  We have to ability to give promise of the future while representing peace and empathy.  Thus my other goal is to give the choir additional opportunities to share KM’s music with our community.  As a result of this, there are two new major performance opportunities in the works for this year!  They are for a for-sure thing but the details are still being arranged, so I will reveal them to you soon.

Our theme of Momentum revolves around looking to the future.  Like any big goal or challenge you wish to attempt, it helps to get a running start – that boost of movement that lets you take a leap with confidence and strength.  If KM Choir wants to have themes in coming years such as, say…Travel and Outreach, we must take the necessary steps to that move us closer to that goal.  For this reason, we have yet another performance-based event in the planning stages this year that will give us the Momentum we need to broaden our horizons and create Outreach opportunities.  As a daily theme, Momentum is about building on everything we made last year and making it better.  Bringing our core musical ability to the forefront and working towards singing our absolute best.

And with that, we are on the precipice of a new year!  I look forward to moving together in Hope and discovering new things about our love of singing, our passion for knowledge, and our heart for community.

Mr. Thompson

Heath Thompson