We'll Always Be Royalty




About Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson has been teaching KM Choir and Music Technology for ten years.  He has taken KM Choirs on trips to Seattle, Portland, Disneyland, Disneyworld, and New York City.  Mr. Thompson also directs KM’s musical theatre productions.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Washington, a Master’s Degree in Musical Theatre from Antioch University, and is a doctoral candidate of Educational Leadership at Walden University, currently writing his dissertation on high-stakes test score prediction.  He loves running, video games, and coffee.  When Mr. Thompson isn’t at KM, he is spending time with his beautiful wife and his two cats, Zara and Finn.

About KM Choir

KM Choir teaches that when you sing, you express your heart.  When you sing with other people, uniting your hearts together in musical harmony, you create a very powerful sense of community.  Being able to connect to one another musically is a profound experience that everyone should have.  It builds bridges, creates empathy, fosters creativity, and teaches us to have joy.  KM Choir teaches the values that inherent to choir such as teamwork, critical thinking, discipline, compassion, and musicianship.  Our choirs show that every student regardless of experience should have an opportunity to experience choir, and we welcome anyone is curious about choir to ask Mr. Thompson or talk to their counselor about joining Choir.

About KM Music Tech

KM Music Tech is centered around using the computer as your musical instrument.  Our class teaches you how to DJ, edit, mix, and record music with using the latest technology.  In addition to learning the technical skills needed become a master DJ or audio engineer, you also learn music appreciation, theory, and history relevant to help you become a well-rounded technician and artist.  Anyone interested in Music Tech should ask Mr. Thompson or talk to their counselor for more information!